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Friday, Sep 21, 2018
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All the maps will be put for download yes, we will probably be opening some vanilla servers since alot of 1.13 plugins are broken atm.
I'd be curious if creative will also be be made available since it too is being cleared. while I want to keep my kingdom from the vanilla world I really want to have my unfinished megabuild from creative to continue in SP
that is the plan kert, same thing we did last time the map changed, it'll be some sort of utorrent link hosted and it'll be available for download. might take a while since the map is huge
Does this mean all our old builds are saved? If so, I would like to download the old world if and when it becomes available. I have some redstone inventions there I never backed up in single player o.o
Good news, we have recovered all server files. We will be announcing our future plans forward soon.
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